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19-Jun-2017 16:13

These two couldn’t bag trash and take it to the curb together let alone coordinate the kinds of activities that nurture a friendship.They are much better — and better off — alone than paired up for longer than a few really sensational nights. If you’re feeling the magic, enjoy it for what it is.

We love open, honest communication - it shows you trust us and are willing to at least put your cards on the table. If you hide your defects and have a great time with your Virgo man, as soon as your lies comes up, he will drop you at the snap of the finger. Us virgos can see right thru fake people and we don't want them around us.As a good observer I can almost read anyone only by seeing you moving around.I'm very sensitive with refine taste and when I decide to learn anything is because I'm will be the best and because I'm choosing something is according and tuned to my nature and has root to the universe and belong to me more than with anyone else. I really value good art, music, painting, good design good taste but at same time I'm realistic and have my feeds on the ground. I don't like fake and plastic people because I can read you...There wind up being so many other people present in the relationship, it’s like Grand Central Station.

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Sagittarius wanders off far afield and Pisces’ fur flies.When you trust us, we feel proud and protective over you, thus we want you in our lives. I wish I were dumber sometimes, but my unstoppable brain always figures out the schemes of those around me.